October 23, 2019
Dear Fellow South African,

Dear Fellow South African,

Oct, 22, 2019 Opinion

The unexpected load-shedding last week disrupted the lives of millions of people in their homes, workplaces and businesses. The cost to our economy of power outages is significant. It contributes to investor unease at a time when we are trying to attract more domestic and foreign capital to South Africa and to improve our global rankings on ease of doing business. It is also understandable that South Africans became frustrated and angry.

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Many may be wondering what is actually going on in parliament?

Many may be wondering what is actually going…

Oct, 15, 2019 Opinion

The new parliamentary term opened last week after a recess, the annual two-week mid-year recess. This may create the impression that much of elected representatives’ time is spent in recess...

The Minister who cares

The Minister who cares

Oct, 15, 2019 News

Our newly appointed Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries has brought to the attention of the public a scarcely known but highly endangered mammal, the pangolin. This odd-looking creature happens...

What is the role of SARB during this economic crisis?

What is the role of SARB during this…

Oct, 15, 2019 News

Should the SARB be proactive and intervene in our current economic crisis to promote transformation or should it remain defensive, leaving investment, growth and development to government? Ben Turok, director...

Briefs that show it all: The cops have got their eye on…the cops

Briefs that show it all: The cops have…

Oct, 15, 2019 Opinion

Mr G Michalakis (DA) asked the Minister of State Security whether her department has instituted any forensic and/or other investigations into the breaches of financial and other controls regarding the...

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