September 23, 2020

Denis Goldberg was one of Nelson Mandela’s two surviving co-defendants from the 1963-64 Rivonia trial, arguably the most important trial in South Africa’s history. He indicated to NICK STADLEN that the Rivonia trial was the defining moment of his life.

Professor Ben Turok will be remembered for the many roles he played during his 70 years of activism ‑ as an underground cadre, a treason trialist, a trade unionist, a (not always successful) saboteur, a political prisoner, an exile, a Member of Parliament, an academic and, most of all, an independent thinker who always spoke truth to power. This biographic article by MOIRA LEVY looks at what underlies Ben’s political persona and what shaped him into the man he was.

Keynote Address to the ANC Stalwarts and Veterans National Consultative Conference by Njabulo S. Ndebele

The autobiography of the first Secretary of the democratic Parliament, Sindiso Mfenyana, tells a fascinating story of exile, but leaves you wanting the next instalment of this man’s life.

Stay calm and take your seat. That should be Parliament’s slogan for the days when Lechesa Tsenoli takes the chair in the National Assembly. He may not have the glamour or the wardrobe of the Speaker. But he has a way of adopting a bemused air when things get hectic, which tells you that he is taking it all seriously, but not too seriously.

Now is probably a really good time to be reminded that South Africa’s electoral system was never meant to be permanent. It was understood as a transitional arrangement that was supposed to have been revised after the first term of ANC rule. Convenor of the Save South Africa Campaign and chair of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (Casac) Sipho Pityana described the practice of voting according to party lines as a “major handicap of Parliament”.

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